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Friday, November 4, 2011

Surly WET

16 ounce cans poured into into Lucifer goblet.  I picked up 2 four packs while I was in Minnesota.  I have really enjoyed this years version. Todd slightly changes the recipe from last year which was a blend of fresh/wet citra and I believe chinook hops. This year it was all citra web hops. Picked on day one and used in a hopback on day four.

Appearance:  Pours a golden orange with a fluffy white head about an inch high which leaves behind great lacing.  Crystal clarity provides great reflective light on my hand. it reflects as a very warm orange. 

Aroma:  Citrus is the most prominent.  The smells really really good  I just want to bathe in it.  This should be a candle smell.  The citra hops are very prominent some pine but not overpowering the citrus very well balanced

Mouthfeel:  Really nice tight bubbles, medium to light bodied, semi-dry and very clean. Tt tingles my tongue as I let it linger in my mouth

Taste: Absolutely incredible, the citrus is really nice and prominent.  I get nice passion fruit on it.  the bitterness is there but it's not overpowering very soft.  This is one of my favorite wet hop beers. The clean bitterness allows you have multiple times without stripping your palate  I get some tangerine notes.

Overall:  When I was in Minnesota I had this every chance I got, that included 3 pints at Cafe Twenty Eight over my 2 visits and multiple cans that I enjoy fresh while at Ryan's house. This beer is an absolute treat.  I've only got a few cans left but I doubt it will last till the weekend.  I might try to collect 1 more 4 pack of the most recent run and then I will wish it well until next year.  I've had a chance to have for wet hop beers this season and only Town Hall's wet came anywhere close to Surly Wet. 


  1. Hey ... I just noticed that "Sheppy's Blog" is listed in your Favorite Websites. Thank you. How long has that been there?

  2. Pretty much from the beginning


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