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Friday, July 20, 2012

One Year Anniversary!

My inspiration to brew better
Today marks the One Year Anniversary of SNBBrewing.com. I almost completely missed it and if it wasn't for the Brewluminati also turning a year I wouldn't have even remembered.

Technically I acquired the SNBBrewing.com on April 1 of 2011, shortly after winning the Karl Strauss Homebrew Competition at the urging of one of my employees. I didn't really do much will it at first and had no idea what I really wanted the site to be about.  The biggest notion I had was for it to be a modeled after the Surly Brewing Website (shocking I know) and a place where I would display labels linked to my beers brands.  Eventually I started to want it to also include the recipe.

I already been reading a lot of really good brewing blogs (such as The Mad Fermentationist) and didn't think that I needed or wanted to do a blog.  That changed midway through 2011 when I decided that I wanted to control the content of the work I was already putting forth into the web on various forums already.  I decided that I would keep track of my various beer related hobbies (Brewing, Tasting, Trading and Exploring) though these days it contains far more Brewing related posts than anything else.  I'm going to try and chance that moving forward, especially on the Tasting and Exploring side. 

To decide on the overall look of the site I went to all my favorite blogs and took note of what I liked about them and what I didn't like.  I spent a lot of time getting the background and the page to work the way I saw it in my mind.  While it could be better I've been pleased with the current layout I changed to a couple of months in.

With everything decided I wrote my first post  for publication one year ago today welcoming readers to SNB Brewing.  Over the last year my writing style has changed and I've definitely become more verbose when writing posts.  The one thing that hasn't changed has been my unfortunate tendency for typos.  I've often received texts and emails from friends pointing them out and have then gone in and corrected them. To this day I still go back and find one or two that were missed that make me groan. So to everyone who has pointed out my mistakes I say thank you.

The hardest part has been keeping the tabs up to date, which I've done for the One Year Anniversary!  Actually that's not true, the hardest part of trying to blog is stay to a schedule.  When I launch I pushed myself with a hard 3 days a week update schedule.  I figured with four ares of my hobby to cover I'd have plenty of content.  While it's true I had plenty of content but with a busy/consuming job, a supportive/understanding wife and a young daughter the thing I lacked was time.  I do not now how other bloggers can do it.  I felt bad the first time I had a two post week and even worse when I was only update once a week.  Than things got really busy and I started missing weeks altogether. Today with everything I have going on I've committed myself to at least one post a week.

What it means to me
I'd like to say thank you to everyone that takes the time to read my blog.  I hope you have found it informative, honest and funny. I've had a good time writing it and appreciate all the comments you've given me over the last year.  I've got a bunch of fun stuff planned in the coming year (barrels, blending, a new brewhouse and more exploration of beer) so hopefully you'll stick around and spend some more time with me.

In closing I'd like to give specific thanks to the following for their support: Bonnie B, SydnieNB, DG, Marshall T, Daniel F, Shawn O, Brad D, Eric A, Scott M, Steve C, Ryan O, Chad L, Chris C, Todd H and probably a dozen more.  Your friendship and support mean the world to me.



A Year in Stats
  • 84 Posts
  • 21 Documented Brews (60 Total ATP)
  • 8 Specials
  • 5 Events
  • 5 Brewery Reviews
  • 2 Projects
Top 10 Posts
  1. Temperature Control - 250
  2. Cold Coffee Extraction - 179 
  3. Stone Ruination IPA Double Dry Hopped with Centennial and Citra - 159
  4. Building the Indiana Jones Crate Keezer - 154
  5. Brewing Beers with Big Hop Aroma - 149
  6. My Funky Brother Brett - 136
  7. The Bruery Batch 50 GFAR aka Grand Funk Ale Road - 124
  8. Scott's BIG IPL w/Citra - 118
  9. Creating Labels and the Imperial Rhino Stout 2011 - 118
  10. Scott's BIG IPL - Alchemy Guild - 110


  1. "unfortuniate tendancy for typos"
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Funny, I you posted a link to this on facebook and thought I had been reading your blog for way more than a year.

    But, turns out you are right :-)

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. I thought about doing a blog on various DIY projects and hobbies, and came to the realization, I just can't commit to that much time.

  4. I enjoy reading your brewing escapades. I don't update my blog near as much as I should, either. Miss you folks down in OC, there's a beer waiting for you (and Marshall, Daniel, etc.) if you're ever in town.


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