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Friday, July 6, 2012

The NEW Bruery Tasting Room

On the night before the Grand Opening a few dozen (more like 100) Reserve Society members got a chance to check out the Bruery's new tasting room. I have to say it was quite impressive and a big upgrade to the old one.

One of the key features is the 40 taps plus one cask on hand pump of Bruery Beer.  They also pulled out all stops for the sneak preview and grand opening filling all 40 taps with some of their best and most famous beers.  This included several of my favorite Bruery beers.

Partial list of beers they had on tap for the preview:
Saison Rue
Not actually a chalkboard but a
projection onto a chalkboard
pretty cool

Loakal Red
Trade Winds
Go Team!
Batch 300
Burly Gourd
Chocosaurus Rye
Old Richland
Salt of the Earth
Tart of Darkness
Oude Tart
5 different Carmens
Sans Pagaie
Mélange #3
Bourbon Barrel aged Coton - Yes Please!
Bourbon Barrel aged Cuir
Bourbon Barrel aged Fruet
Marrón Acidifié
Black Tuesday (2011)
Chocolate Rain (2012) - Yes Please!

I had four beers that night as they were not yet doing flights (which will be very nice)
  • Barrel Aged Coton - One of my favorite of their Anniversary Beers. It was holding up really well and the mouthfeel was the same thickness I fell in love with.  It seemed to have a weird alcoholic burn that hadn't been there before and the raisininess that I loved was gone.
  • Chocolate Rain (2012) - Very Chocolatey still but not as good as it's been in the past.  I might be starting to fall off.
  • Kevin's Fuzzy Peaches - Wonderful beer that was way too quaff-able for its own good!
  • Washington OC - An enjoyable domestic quad that when it warmed opened up wonderfully.
It was nice getting a preview of the new facility. I ran into Tyler and got to congratulate him on the success of the new space.

I will say that despite reports of poofy ceiling to dampen the noise level it got very noisy with 50-60 people having a great time. By the end of my the night it was hard to hear my buddy Scott.




The RS Crowd
Nice shiny tanks
Chocolate Rain!
Scott "enjoying" a glass of
SNB can be CynicAle


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