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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beer Picture Gallery 1

Cool filter and my favorite beer
It's been over two weeks since my last post. Between my work schedule and Bonnie gearing up for trial my free time to do almost anything beer related has been zero.  I've got a couple of things that I want to post in the next few weeks such as an update on the Split Batch Porter which has been moved to secondary with 5 gallons getting dry hopped with bacon and another 5 getting some vanilla beans that I sort of messed up with.  Also this weekend I'm going to be brewing 11 gallons of a red ale that will be fermented in a 55 gallon water barrel before going into a red wine barrel at Shawn's house for souring and aging.

In the meantime I thought I would share some of my favorite beer-related pictures I've taken.  The bulk of the pictures come from my Untappd gallery.  Since I've downloaded app on my phone I've started taking pictures of almost all the beers I've been checking into some of which came out really cool. I tossed in a few brewing pictures for fun.

I hope you enjoy some beer porn



Three hour layovers can be really fun
in SLC
Negative filter on the Deviant
KBS 2012
Splitting the Elder with Bonnie
I've been really digging this beer though the bottle variation
has been pretty high
Nice up shoot of the mountains
I love the artwork for Surly Four so
much I have the poster of it in my
You are required to throw up the
horns when drinking Surly Five
Is that Surly Five out of the Original
Darkness glass that Todd personally
made for Cafe TwentyEight?
This one came out pretty cool
I was having way to much fun at the time
Le Bleu
Romulan Ale anyone?
I like how the surface of the beer reflects while the beer
itself absorbs the light
Terrapin Wake n Bake
In process dry hopping
Awesome beer to sit back and
relax with
I like this picture so much I made it my background for the site
Split 3-ways to share with Marshall
and Bonnie upon it's release
Woodcut N.03
Picture of Shawn's system - probably
one of my favorite pictures of a
homebrew setup

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