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Thursday, January 26, 2012

ISO: Surly Abrasive FT: Knuckle Sandwich x5

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a trade so I’m going to break that streak by talking about a trade I set up in December to collect some fresh Abrasive.

There are only a few seasonal beer releases that I make sure to jump on right away.  Not surprising for me these also tend to be Surly beers.  2 of my favorite seasonal IPAs hands down have to be Surly WET and Surly Abrasive.  Both are just phenomenal beers that are better as fresh as you can get them.

A few days prior to the trade I attended the release of Bootlegger’s most recent batch of Knuckle Sandwich.  I generally like to trade like beers ie Stouts for Stouts, Sours for Sours, IPAs for IPAs etc.  I find that it helps make for a more even trade.  I grabbed 6 bottles and cracked one open at AHP with Eric on my way home.  While a good beer Knuckle Sandwich tends to really open up a few weeks to a month after it’s released.  Given that it’s getting pretty well known and somewhat sought after I figured I’d have no problem trading it for some fresh Abrasive…

Well my first post

Photo of StarRaptor
email StarRaptor | California | BA: Jun 07, 2010 | online user online

FT: Fresh Knuckle Sandwich ISO: Surly Abrasive

I'm after a couple of packs of Surly Abrasive for 4 22oz bottles of Bootlegger's Knuckle Sandwich from the latest release last week.

This should be a $4$ trade and I can expand to include additional Bruery, Bootlegger's etc.

Ideally I'd like to ship by Thursday as I will be unable to ship after that.
went nowhere… so a few days later I upped it to 5 bottles and gave it another shot.  

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email StarRaptor | California | BA: Jun 07, 2010 | online user online

ISO: Surly Abrasive FT: Knuckle Sandwich x5

I'm looking for some Surly Abrasive and Furious. Up for trade is 5 Knuckle Sandwiches from Bootlegger's.

I'd really like to lock down and ship my side by Thursday

Within hours I had a text from my buddy Dan saying he had me covered on this.  This makes the story of this trade a little more interesting to me.  You see the reason I know Dan is that when I showed up at 5:00 AM at Darkness Day he was the guy right behind me.  We were both flying solo so we struck up a conversation over some early morning beers.  It turns out that we also happened to be in biglobo8971’s Darkness Day In Person BIF.  We hung out all morning but lost each other after the gates opened.  We later swapped numbers via BeerAdvocate which is how when he saw my post he texted me. 

He followed it up with the following BM

Photo of UngertakerUngertaker  -[ BA Since: Apr 29, 2010

Re: ISO: Surly Abrasive FT: Knuckle Sandwich x5
Sent: Tue Dec 20, 2011 18:25 UTC,


I got you covered if you are still looking for it. How much do you want?


I sent to Dan...
We settled on 8 cans of Abrasive and 8 cans of Furious.  He let me be creative on what to send for the Furious stating “Any stouts or Barleywines work”

I really wanted to get him some solid beers so in addition to the 5 Knuckle Sandwiches I sent him out, a Maui CoCoNut Porter, Hair of the Dog Fred (Huge Want), A Bourbon Barrel Wookiee, Green Flash Barley Wine, Alesmith Old Numbskull (Want), Green Flash Double Stout (Want), Imperial Rhino Stout, Firestone Velvet Merlin, Deschutes Obsidian Stout and Oskar Blues Ten FIDY.

... and got this in return!
I vividly remember when my box from him arrived.  It was the day before my birthday and the package wasn’t scheduled to arrive till the next day. We were pulling into the driveway (Bonnie was driving) after going to the Aquarium of the Pacific (and Beachwood BBQ & Brewing).   As we pulled in I noticed a large box on my front porch, I knew instantly what it had to be and I jumped out of the car in excitement.   Not only did Dan hook me up with 8 fresh Abrasives and 8 fresh Furiouses (Furi?) as extras he included a Wild Horse ONE, Goose Island Bourbon County and a Summit Black Ale. Killer Extras if you ask me.

Fresh Abrasive is so good.  I’ve shared multiple cans with my friends and it was even the impetus of an awesome one on one tasting I had with my buddy Chris a few weeks back. 

All and all a great trade and Dan is a great trader.  I look forward to the opportunity to trade with him again.



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