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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oak Glen Cider Run Cider 2011 Update

Kegging up this years blend
Another thing I did on my birthday was to combine all of the various 2011 Oak Glen Cider Run Ciders that I had going on into a keg.  The first thing I did was sanitize the outside of my cider keg that still had a slight amount of last years cider in it.  I then combined all of that years cider (the 3 gallon tamed batch and both of the 1 gallon wide versions) into the better bottle the 3 gallons were in. Once combined I popped the top of the keg and transferred it all together.  

Last year when I kegged it up I had saved the yeast dregs for the bottom of that years of wild cider and eventually pitched it into a half gallon of Trader Joe's unfiltered organic cider. I had used this cider the year before to back sweeten the 2010 cider.  I try a sample and was pretty pleased with the taste so I'd decided to grab another to pitch the wild yeast in. By the time I got around to tasting it, it had probably been 8 months but tasted grate. I therefore pulled off of a half gallon from the keg as it was at capacity to fill it with the wild Joe cider.  

As I did last year I sanitized a couple of old yeast vials and filled them with the last bit of yeast and cider for later use.  In comparing the two wild ciders this years was much more mild in the funk department then the previous' years.  Still I have 2 vials of each that I'm sure I find a purpose for in the future.

I'm quite happy with this years blend as it definitely brings more sour and funk notes with it. It was a bit clearer then last years but I think the cause of my haze from both years probably has to do with the addition of the very hazy Trader Joe's unfiltered organic cider. Now that it's kegged and carbonated I'm going to let it sit for a few more months to condition.



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