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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to SNB Brewing

Hello and Welcome to SNBBrewing.com, the official home of SNB Brewing.

SNB Brewing was founded in 2010 by myself, Scott Neel Bennett (on the right next to my hero Todd Haug of Surly Brewing), primarily as the brand name of my homebrewed beer.

This blog will feature post about the following topics; Homebrewing, Beer Tasting (sometimes with reviews), Beer Trading (StarRaptor on BeerAdvocate) and Exploring it all (Trips, Events etc.)

History of SNB Brewing

It wasn't until grad school around 2004 that I really started drinking beer.  In the early days a 6 pack would last a week or more. Around 2006 I started to experience my lupulin shift which drove me to hoppier and hoppier beers.  Today I am full on hop head who occasionally experience phantom hop smell and taste sensations and go through lupulin withdrawal if I'm forced to drink too much malty beer.

The brewery side traces it's origin back to the first batch of beer I made was in 2007 at a brew on premise in Huntington Beach.  It was a Red Ale similar to Fat Tire that I made with my brother Brett and Bottled with my Wife Bonnie.  I ended up calling it 360 Ale (a play on the name of his soon to be son). The beer came out great and I brewed another batch the next year.

Nothing got brewed in 2009 but that year I ended up getting a Mr Beer from my mom for my birthday (Which is in very late December) I waited a couple weeks before getting over my nerves and brewing up an IPA which I named after my soon to be daughter Sydnie. Unfortunately it came out a cidery mess regardless I had the bug and haven't looked back since.

I tend to label almost every beer I make so new labels and how to do labels will also be featured. I'm also a hands on learner that likes to tinker with building things, which will be covered as well Finally as an Advocate of Beer I'm big into sharing and consuming some of the best beers in the world,  Tasting that I host and go to will be featured.



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