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Monday, October 3, 2011


Poster for this year
Pretty late getting this post up as SurlyFest was almost a month ago.

For the second year in a row I traveled to Minnesota to hang out with my brother Ryan and hit up Surly Brewing Companies annual SurlyFest party. The propose of the party is to celebrate the annual release of their märzen style beer SurlyFest.

Joining me this year was my lovely wife Bonnie who had wished she'd been able to make it last year. Märzens happen to be her favorite fall style of beer and she fell in deep love with SurlyFest to the point where I am now working out the details of a trade for a couple of packs just for her.

My brother Ryan and I wore our Surly Can Knit Hats again this year.  Just like the previous year we were stopped by a bunch of people to have them either take out picture or have there picture taken with us.  While I'm sure it was because of our awesome hats, I'd like to think it was really because they recognize that Namaste and SNB Brewing are the next big things in craft brewing and want in on the ground floor!

There is nothing better than being about to drink a stein of fresh Furious. That's right a Stein of Furious, as part of the admission price you get a half liter stein with the SurlyFest logo.  They are different each year and only available at the fest and for a few days after at the store (If they have leftovers.)  

SurlyFest sells out every year and I believe this year there were over 1,800 fellow Surly fans in attendance. This is probably the one oktoberfest style festival I need to attend in the fall.  Great vibe, cool people, killer music and awesome beer!

The party did not disappoint and I had a great time again. I met a couple of local BAs who where great to talk to. I also hung out with both Todd Haug (Surly's head brewer) and his wife Linda (who owns and runs one of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities Cafe Twenty Eight)

Here are some additional pictures.


The stein, shirt and flyer from this year
We parked in the Power of the Pint parking zone
What's Power of the Pint?
Bonnie and her SurlyFest
Crowd view 1
Crowd view 2
I want to steal this and take it home with me!
Me and my brother Ryan
Hanging out inside
Cheers! It was great having Bonnie with me this year
Bonnie, Me, Jesse (Ryan's Wife) and Ryan
The inside menu board
Midway through I decided to change hats
On the way out I was stopped by woman who had made it the previous year
Me and Todd
I brought him a Bourbon Barrel Aged Wookiee from the Brewcommune.com
barrel brew to thank him for another great year of beer!
Made up of old piping and cans
Ryan and I got a chance to talk to Todd as the Fest was wrapping up
Toasting another great fest at Cafe Twenty Eight the next morning with some Surly Five

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