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Friday, August 26, 2011

FT: Growler of Exponential Hoppiness ISO: Fresh Surly

People occasionally talk in the trading forum about the old days where it was a place to share beer and promote really beer advocacy.  Before the dark times - before the whale-hunting... 

Growler of Exponential Hoppiness
Back in the old days the story goes that if someone brought up in a thread that he/she had never had a certain beer there would always be a reply had never had that was off the shelf people would immediately try to hook the person up.

While I can’t attest to the old days I can say that it has become increasingly difficult to get even off the shelf beer such as my beloved Surly.  Fortunately good people still do exist in the trading forum.

Last time I was at Alpine it happened to coincide with the release of the latest batch of Exponential Hoppiness.  They had what I would consider a pretty high release amount, four growler fills and six bottles per person per day. I decided I would grab a growler of it to trade with one of my regular trading partners to replenish my Surly stock.  Unfortunately she had some other stuff going on and had to decline my offer, completely understandable.

FT: Growler of Exponential Hoppiness ISO: Fresh Surly

Given that it was a growler of a very hoppy beer I wanted it to quickly go to a good home, I therefore decided to post up ISO:FT.  I figured that with the reviews and limitations of the supply of fresh Exponential Hoppiness that this would be a quick trade.  It appeared initially that I might be right as soon after the post I had several offers in my in box.  For a while I thought it was a done deal but regrettably the initial agreement fell through so I moved on to another one however it also fell through, I even bumped by thread to accept new offers but still I was unable to find a trade. Fortunately good people are still out there.

Ah yes, Fresh Surly!
I was posting on a thread about SurlyFest that I was excited to go this year as my wife would be joining me. KeefD, one of the guys that had previously backed out, saw the post and BMd me if I’d found a home for the growler.  I told him that I had not and was probably going to LIF it so that someone could enjoy it fresh.  He replied that though money was tight we could set something up.  I told him he didn’t have to and I really appreciated it.

In the end we agree that he would just ship 2 packs of Surly (Furious and Coffee Bender) in trade for the growler.   Unbeknownst to him I decided to take a quick review of his want list and pulled out a few easy ones to send him as thank you.

The Extras
In the end both sides were happy; I was able to collect 4 Furious and 4 Coffee Benders plus lay the ground work for a second source for Surly and in trade I sent him a growler of Exponential Hoppiness, a bottle each of Firestone Walker Pale 31, Union Jack and DBA plus a Russian River Consecration.

I also got to test out my growler packaging idea of using expanding foam insulation to create the ultimate growler shipper. This will come in handy for the Good People Farm System BIF.


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