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Monday, June 24, 2013

You're My Bitch BIF (YMBBif)

The haul to end all hauls
I'd had a pretty bad run of BIFs boxes last year, hell even the Gang Bang 2 box wasn't that great nor a good comparison for what we sent.  Bare in mind the sender always met the requirement but where I had been making it a point to hunt down and trade so that I could hit my targets wants (often some of their stated top wants) it is a little disheartening to get a run want free boxes.  I eventually came the conclusion after getting a box from Florida containing a Deschutes (out of Oregon) Chasin' Freshies (couple months after release) and a Boulevard Chocolate Ale (from the known infected batch) that maybe BIFs weren't for me so I hung up my hat.

Leave it to my buddy Brandon (biglobo8971) to pull me out of retirement by devising a BIF in which you pick your target and therefore have no excuse to not bury your target and wreck some porches.  I loved the idea so much that I said fuck it let's do this and jumped right in.

The process he employed was great, once all of the participants had been decided he started a second thread (YMBBif Bucket List) where you state why someone would want to chose you as their target.   After everyone had their bucket list done it was time to rank who you wanted to send to. Finally Brandon did his best to match people up with targets out of their top five.

My Bucket List
My bucket list item currently is Bourbon Vanilla Darkness, Cantillon Blåbær LambikS (Steve Coon recently shared a bottle with me - Thanks Steve!) and Kaggen! Stormaktsporter (one of the last in the top 10 I've never had) - I've love to collect a Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord but only to split with my regular tasting group as I was lucky enough to try it at the Firestone Fest.
I love canned beers - especially fresh IPAs that I've never had such as Gandhi-Bot Double IPA which is currently one of my oldest wants. I love trying new beers (especially canned) a complete listing of what I've had (for the most part) can be found here
For the SWAG side I'm a large L and love brewery Work-shirts and glassware. I'm a homebrewer so bring on the homebrew.
My favorite breweries (outside of SoCal) are Surly, Cigar City , Squatters, Fitgers, Six Point, Crooked Stave.
I've updated my wants as well
I ranked my targets as follows leaving out regular trading partners and fellow Cali traders
  1. Shrek806 
  2. MarkIntihar - I'll probably embarrass myself as Mark's a friend 
  3. HannyDawg 
  4. Axic10 
  5. johnyb 
  6. Auror
  7. GGfunk 
  8. DenverBeerDrinker 
  9. Stupac2 
  10. Mista

I ended up getting my top choice of shrek806 and decided to bury him hard!

shrek806's Bucket List
Hello all,
I am not really sure what would be on my bucket list as far as rare beers are concerned other than PTY which I know is near impossible. I am a total hophead but I also enjoy sours and BA Stouts. Dont really care for smoked beers. I love stemware, no more pints, and I love T-shirts (long or short sleeved) XL.
I am eternally ISO Lunch, any HF IPA's, PTE, Alpine IPA's, Citra, 3F IPA's, Heady Topper, Surly Abrasive and Furious, Town Hall Masala Mama, Fatheads IPA just to name a few. 
I sent him 10 hints (Logic behind them in Bold Red)

Hint 1: If my box travels the recommended route it will past through more than 8 states (11 in total between CA and NY mostly on I-80 E)
Hint 2: I'm going to foil my target 1250 (I used the number of his Hads (32), (93), Gots (9) and Place Reviews (1) through the FOIL process) 
Hint 3: East Bound and Up? (NY is North East of SoCal)
Mine hasn't posted since page 2, yeah that's hint 4 (The logic should be clear)
Hint 5: 2/25/12 (Loking), 5/16/12 (close?), 8/24/12 (indians), 9/11/12 (west), 10/23/12 (Any), 11/30/12 (either) (this was a fun one, I took all the threads he started and pulled out a single word along with the date he posted it)
Hint 6: My parents met at collage 101 miles away from my target (My parents met at University of Rochester 101 miles from my targets house in NY) 
Hint 7: If I told them to meet me in Zihuatanejo they'd get the reference (Noticed on Facebook that one of his favorite movies is Shawshank Redemption) 
Hint 8: Delta (47) of my high (72) and your low (25) swung around to °c comes out to 8 point 3 (more math fun this time using the temperature the day of the hint 47°f is 8.3°c)
Hint 9: Was my target split from 915? (the 806 area code in Texas was split from the 915 area code sometime during 1957)
Hint 10: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8101/8589852294_c359026821_b.jpg (This is the picture that comes up on Wikipedia for his town)

Final stats on the boxes I sent were
Number of Beers = 27
Total Number of Ounces = 528
Number of Wants = 19
rAvg Average = 4.33
rAvg Max = 4.82
rAvg Min = 3.86
BA Score Average = 95.12
BA Score Max = 100 x4
BA Score Min = 86
Both the rAvg Min and the BA Score Min belong to the base version of a barrel aged beer which is also in the box (4.38 90). I included it for a side by side

Here's what I sent to shrek806

Red Poppy Ale (Want)
YuleSmith (Winter) (Want)
Supplication (Want)
Beatification (Apparently A Major Want)
Smoke (Want)
Abrasive Ale (Want)
Furious (Want)
Bender (Want)
Hell (Want)
NG Belgian Red (Want)
Raspberry Tart (Want)
Serendipity (Want)
AleSmith IPA (Want)
BA Kopi Speedway
Decadence 2011
BA Decadence 2011
Sculpin India Pale Ale (Want)
Westvleteren 12 (Want)
Westbennetteren 12
Knuckle Sandwich (Want)
Barrel Roll No. 3 Pugachev's Cobra
Big Whig
Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter (Want)
Mongo (Want)
Fat Head's Head Hunter IPA (Want)

Russian River Glass
Darkness Glass
Barrel Roll Glass
Lost Abbey Teku
Pliny the Younger Shirt
Lost Abbey Flag
Surly Stickers

As far as who was sending to me I had some general ideas but nothing positive. SliverX seemed like a good possibility based on what he had posted but I had been wrong in a previous BIF.  Toward the end it definately seemed like it was going to be sliverX as he had started reponding to some of my posts with what in retrospect were clear clues. It turns out that I was right and on Friday April 5th while I was at Churchill's pub with my friends Eric (ehammond1) and Kurtis (leschkie) I got a text message from Bonnie -

What I got from sliverX

Ursus Spelæus
Peche 'n Brett (Want)
Kiwi Lambic (Want)
King Henry (Want)
Bourbon County Brand Vanilla Stout (Want)
Imperial Sweet Stout - Cognac Barrel Aged (Want)
Leon (Want)
Outer Darkness (Want)
Gudeløs (Want)
Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - Arcadia (Want)
Barrel-Aged Blackout Stout - Great Lakes x2 (2012&2013) (Want)
Blackout Stout - Great Lakes x2 (2010&2012)
Black Note Stout - Bell's Brewery (Want)
World Wide Stout - Dogfish Head (Want)
Barleywine Ale - The Duck-Rabbit (Want)

Sun King Velvet Fog (Want)
Belgian Imperial Stout
Abominable Winter Ale - love the can (Want)
Hubris Anniversary Ale
Gandhi-Bot Double IPA - My second oldest want!

Kick ass work shirt from Roc Brewing
Southern Tier Tulip
Sixpoint Resin Tulip ISO Resin to break it in
Blind Bat Tulip
Tröegs Mini Sniffer
Blind Bat Sticker
Nugget Nectar Belt Buckle
Nugget Nectar Opener
sliverX absolutely buried me in generosity with such a fantastic box and want made it even better is what I learned afterwards.  It turns out that sliverX had reached out to a bunch of my friends for input.  He completely destroyed my wants list leaving it in shambles.  I was absolutely floored by the generosity and communal spirit and owe the community for this one.  I've already started a LIF for whoever posted the best gif partly because of this experience and was very pleased to see sliverX end up winning it. 10/10 would bif again.




The boxes
via Libbey
Small bottle shipper
One of my favorite can designs
You've got to be kidding me
The Big bottles
Small bottles
The cans
The Swag
Nugget Nectar opener magnet

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