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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cold Coffee Extraction

For my friend Chad (and to collect the information to my site) here is my method for cold extracting coffee. When using the product in beer I've added it at flame-out, secondary and kegging.  Remember, it's going in your beer so treat cleaning and sanitation with the same importance as you give to the beer it's going into.

1) I use clean water (either bottled never opened or boiled then cooled tap water)
2) A clean and sanitized growler
3) Coarsely crushed coffee
4) I combine and leave for around 24 hours (shaking it from time to time)
5) Filter out the grains into another clean and sanitized growler

The Cold Brew Coffee - From Imperial Rhino Stout

Clean and sanitized growler
I tend to use 8oz of coarsely crushed
coffee beans per 4 cups water
My wife Bonnie (aka the coffee expert) grinding the beans
to a coarse consistency
Ready for water
Chilling out with some wild cider and the yeast starters
I tried several methods for filtering but in the end
ran it through the filter in my wife's coffee pot
The Results

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